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sohag hasan
Jul 17, 2022
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The paper begins by saying that celebrities such as actors, contestants, and singers are very influential, and their social media posts (posts) tend to be considered trustworthy by fans. So researchers from the University of Chicago and Stanford University wanted to see if the dietary information posted by these celebrities on social media was healthy. They screened a total of 181 celebrities, including 66 actors and television personalities; 64 music artists; and 51 athletes. The average age of these 181 celebrities (male 102, female 79) is 32 years old, and the total number of fans is 5.7 billion (31.5 million fans per person on average) (Note: Taiwan has a population of 23.5 million). These celebrities posted a total of 3,065 diet-related posts from May 2019 to March 2020, covering 2,467 food items and 2,713 beverages. In terms of the number of posts, snacks and sweets were 3 times as many as other categories (920 [37.3%]), followed by fruit (313 [12.7%]), protein (295 [12.0%]), mixed dishes ( 271 [11.0%]) %]), vegetables (269 [10.9%]) and cereals (227 [9.2%]). Among beverages, alcohol accounted for half (1375 [50.7%]), followed by coffee and tea (524 [19.3%]), sweetened beverages (374 [13.8%]) and water (328 [12.1%]). The researchers used data from the USDA's Dietary Research Food and Nutrition Database for 2015-2016 to rate the health of foods and beverages. This database contains the standard nutritional value per 100-gram serving of more than 8,600 foods and beverages, and for each food and beverage, the researchers recorded sugar, sodium, saturated fat, total fat, energy, protein and fiber content. The researchers also used this database to classify foods into 11 categories (fruits, vegetables, dairy, protein, grains, mixed dishes, snacks and sweets, fats and oils, condiments and sauces, sugar, protein and nutritional powders), as well as classifying beverages into 8 categories (alcoholic beverages, sugar-sweetened Shadow Making beverages, water, coffee and tea, dairy beverages, 100% fruit juices, diet beverages, infant formula and breast milk). The results showed that 158 ​​of 181 celebrities (87.3%) had an overall food nutrition score that was unhealthy (that is, enough to violate the laws restricting youth advertising in the UK), while only 9 celebrities (5.0%) were rated healthy Food Nutrition Scores (14 other celebrities with no food-related posts). As for beverages, 162 of the 181 celebrities (89.5%) had an unhealthy overall beverage-related posts, while only 12 (6.6%) had a healthy one (another 7 celebrities did not post beverage-related posts). . At the single food and beverage item level, 1493 of 2467 foods (60.5%) and 1488 of 2713 beverages (54.8%) received unhealthy nutritional scores. More about this source textSource text required for additional translation information Send feedback Side panels
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